A workspace is like a shared computer. Each member share a storage system, a messaging app, and a lot of other applications.

Let’s open any workspace and click on the app Messages.

Messages allows you to discuss with other members through private messages, or through channels. You can create public and private channels. Each discussion spaces (channels or privates messages) allows you to send url, files (drag and drop or from Drive), smileys, formated text, etc. To discover more about Messages go here : First steps in Messages App

Drive is an other app which allows you to store files, but also create and edit them with other Twake apps. To discover more about Drive go here : First steps in Drive App

Twake comes with a lot of applications, and even more are to come ! If you upload pptx, docx or xlsx on your Drive, you can directly open it in Twake. If you want to work with kanban, click on Wekan ! You have an apps idea for us ? Go on https://feedback.twakeapp.com 🙂

You are ready to start working on Twake ! Enjoy 😀