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Global search

Twake gather a lot of information about your team. When you look for someting (document, discussion, …), you can use Twake’s global search to quickly find what you need.

How to use it ?

Step 0 : Prerequisites
  • there is no prerequisite 🎉
Step 1 : Open search panel

There are two ways to open the search panel : you can clic on search input on the interface.

You can also use the shortcut ctrl+k (or command + K for mac user)


Step 2 : Enter your research

When search panel is open, you can write your query. The results will appear below.

Step 3 : Select your result

You can navigate between your results with the keyboard arrows and select your choice with the enter key (or simply click on the desired result). You will be redirected to the result.

You can search all the entities in the following list :
✅ Files
✅ Folders
✅ Channels
⚛️Messages (in progress)
⚛️Events (in progress)
✴️Tasks (not yet)

Updated on September 23, 2019
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