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How to access google drive from Twake

Are you already using Google Drive and would like to see your files in Twake? It’s possible!

How to implement it ?

Step 0 : Prerequisites
  • Be administrator of your workspace
Step 1 : Install google drive connector

If you want to connect Twake and google, you must add the google drive connector in your workspace. Go to your workspace and select the application panel. If gdrive is not yet installed in your company, you can add it by clicking on “search application” and search for “google drive”. Select it and click on “install”. Now, the google drive connector is available in your workspace. ⚙️

How to add gdrive connector


Step 2 : Add your Google drive account

Go to your document application. Click on the “Add” button and select “external storage” “google drive”. Then, log into your account and allow Twake to access your file. You can now access your files from Twake. It may take some time to see your entire file the first time. ⏲️


Updated on September 17, 2019
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