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How to add tabs on my channel

Channel are the center of your workspace on Twake. Tabs are like shortcut plugged on your channel. You can add anything you want from other application of Twake such as folder from your drive, or board from tasks manager.

How to implement it ?

Step 0 : Prerequisites
  • Be administrator of your workspace
Step 1 : Go to your channel

Select the channel where you want to connect your tabs

Step 2 : Add a tab

If you are an administrator of your workspace, you can add a tab to the channel that you selected before. Just click on “add” at the top of your screen.

Choose from the data you want to import (drive, task, calendar, …) and name your tab.

Step 3 : Synch your tab and your data

Open your new tab, twake will ask you what data you want to add (which folder, wich board, …). Select one or create a new one.

Step 4 : Enjoy !

Now that it’s done, you’ll save a lot of time !  ⏲️

Look at what you can build with this tab 👇


Updated on September 17, 2019
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